25 Jul

What’s the meaning of ‘cravings’ and how to use it in a sentence.

During both my pregnancies I had a lot of cravings of weird and wonderful things. The word ‘to crave’ (verb) or ‘cravings’ (noun) and it describes a strong desire for something. In English is very common to use it to talk mostly about food (food cravings). Most people get cravings such as fries, or junk […]

17 Jul

Idiom: to be a tough cookie

Who doesn’t like cookies? I think everyone does. Today our idiom it’s related to the word cookie. ‘To be a tough cookie’. First of all the word ‘tough’ means ‘hard’ and the idiom itself refers to someone that is strong and determined. The term has a positive connotation and it describes someone who “can endure […]

16 Jul

Idiom: To be (as) cool as a cucumber

This is one of my favourite idioms. To be as cool as a cucumber means to keep calm in a situation in which most people are stressed or worried such as exams, giving a speech in public, or meeting people for the first time etc..   Let’s have a look at some examples: Her boss […]

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