Idiom: to be a tough cookie

Who doesn’t like cookies? I think everyone does. Today our idiom it’s related to the word cookie. ‘To be a tough cookie’. First of all the word ‘tough’ means ‘hard’ and the idiom itself refers to someone that is strong and determined. The term has a positive connotation and it describes someone who “can endure a lot without breaking down” or ” someone who won’t let anyone take advantage of her.”


Let’s see some examples:

  • John works in a difficult work environment but she’s doing great. She’s a tough cookie.

In this case John strong character helps me to go through the day at work. Even if the environment is difficult.


  • You are one tough cookie! You had such a difficult childhood but you never stop fighting

Here, we are talking about a determined personality who is not easily defeated in life.


Hope that helps!

Do you know anyone that is a tough cookie?

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